Since the re-emergence of the Texas Premier Soccer League in 2013, we have been committed to raising the overall standards within the league and bringing increased stability and professionalism to men's adult soccer in the Texas region.

While we have on many counts made progress towards these goals, we have also come to the conclusion that in order to realize our fundamental strategic objective of a vibrant and sustainable model, it is necessary for us to do more to continue to make minor adjustments to the existing framework which includes expansion through the addition of more teams.

As a progressive, forward thinking league, we are always looking at ways of continuing the growth of the league through various forms.

As an expansion side, you would benefit from being part of an expanding structure that is steadily being seen as an excellent level of play with a series of professionally run clubs with growing values and footprint within the soccer fraternity.

Accordingly, the TPSL is undertaking a process that is fundamental to the growth of the league and the current team owners not only share our vision, but also welcome additional participation from fellow high-level outdoor professionally run soccer clubs.

As a result, teams that possess a similar ethos and desired philosophy on how to structure and operate an men's outdoor professionally run soccer organisation are welcome to apply to operate a franchised expansion club within the TPSL. 

TPSL teams play between the months of September and March. As of the 2016/17 season, all our registered clubs are eligible to participate in the qualifying process for the US Open Cup.

Simply fill out the form to take the next step in joining the fastest growing professionally run league in Texas.

TPSL Franchise Opportunities

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